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For Organizations, Startups, and Athletic Programs & of course YOU.

what we do

Over the past year, KEJO has hosted transformative camps that equip organizations and athletic programs with the unparalleled skills of elite warriors.

This unique training experience instills the principles of leadership, teamwork, discipline, and more into the core of every participant. Participants learn to adapt and thrive, mirroring the special operator's indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment through physical and "neck up" principles.

who we are

We are led by Remi Adeleke, former Navy SEAL and ex-co-host of Special Forces World's Toughest Test on FOX, and other retired/former Special Operators who not only fought for our country but own successful businesses.

You'll learn how to excel in personal growth, forging leaders and teams that will emerge stronger, more cohesive, and better prepared for any mission, both on and off the battlefield.

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All camps are customized to your organization's needs. Please contact us for a FREE Zoom call to learn more about the camp.

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