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What Is Kejo?

Listen to one of the Founders of KEJO, Remi Adeleke explain.

Whether through his Transformed Memoir, film/tv career or odds defying story, Remi Adeleke has always tried to find ways to inspire, motivate and educate people. KEJO Wear is no different. KEJO, which means “The 8th” in Yoruba (Remi’s Birth Tribe), points to the 8th Wonder of the world. And to Remi that is not a place, but instead a group people who have risen up to be the inspiration, motivation and education to those around them. And how will this be done through mere clothes? Remi and the KEJO team have designed stylized quotes that will serve as helpful reminders to wearers, but more importantly to those passing by who are unknowingly in need of the words displayed. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or your past, we invite you to join us. Become the inspiration, motivation and education that someone needs; become KEJO!

Be the inspiration. Be the motivation. Be the education.