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remi adeleke

Actor, author, writer/director, producer

Remi was born into riches in Nigeria, but following his father's death and the unjust seizing of his family’s wealth by the Nigerian Government, Remi, his mother, and brother permanently relocated to the Bronx, New York, in 1987. After years of making regrettable decisions, Remi enlisted in the Navy in 2002, serving as a corpsman with the 1st Marine Division, and later joined the Navy SEALs, where he specialized in combat medicine and HUMINT (Human Intelligence/Tradecraft).

Ending his successful naval career in 2016, he was led to pursue opportunities in film/tv consulting, directing, writing, and acting, including the 2017 franchise film Transformers: The Last Knight, SEAL Team CBS, the Universal thriller directed by Michael Bay, Ambulance, and the Lionsgate blockbuster The Plane. Remi can also be seen in a recurring role on Amazon’s TV adaptation of the New York Times Best Seller Terminal List. As a consultant, Remi worked on Netflix’s 6 Underground, Apple+ TV series Invasion. Remi is the host and Co-EP of the Down Range narrative Podcast, which will be distributed via Tenderfoot TV/iHeart Media in January 2023.

Additionally, Remi was one of the hosts of the UK hit series, Who Dares Wins and its U.S. derivative Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. As a filmmaker, Remi wrote and directed The Unexpected, a 32-minute short film that uncovers an international organ harvesting ring. In addition to the short, he has written and will be directing the short's feature-length version, Unexpected Redemption. As a screenwriter, Remi co-penned the adapted teleplay for Slave Stealers, which highlights abolitionist Harriet Jacobs. He also wrote The Chameleon screenplay, and finally, The Last Shall Be First screenplay, which tells the untold true story of the first group of African Americans to serve in U.S. Special Forces and the integral but forgotten role they played in the retaking of South Korea from Communist forces.

Mr. Adeleke holds a bachelors in organizational leadership and a master's in Organizational Strategy, both from the University of Charleston, West Virginia. As an educator, he co-founded Muskegon Michigan’s OPS academy, which opens to inner city students K-8th in the Fall of 2022. Remi’s incredible story can be found in his Harper Collins bestselling autobiography, Transformed: A Navy SEALs Unlikely Journey From The Throne Of Africa, To The Streets Of The Bronx, To Defying All Odds.

Mentorship With Remi Adeleke

Inspiration I with Remi Adeleke

Inspiration I with Remi Adeleke

Motivation I with Remi Adeleke

Motivation I with Remi Adeleke

Education I with Remi Adeleke

Education I with Remi Adeleke


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